Geometric complexes in applied topology
Henry Adams, Colorado State University

Random Cubical Complexes
Erika Roldán, The Ohio State University

Algebraic Tools in Multiparameter Persistent Homology
Hal Schenck, Iowa State University

Invited Speakers

Noé Bárcenas, UNAM Morelia
Michael Catanzaro, Iowa State University
Oliver Gafvert, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Takashi Owada, Purdue University

Organizing Committee

Abraham Martín del Campo, CONACYT-CIMAT Guanajuato
Antonio Rieser, CONACYT-CIMAT Guanajuato
Carlos Vargas Obieta, CONACYT-CIMAT Guanajuato
Erika Berenice Roldán Roa, Ohio State University